Natacha Dhiagelev

Secretary General, Tharsis League


The former Ashokan representative of Tharsis League, Natacha’s been screwing up a lot of Consortium plans ever since she was elected as the Secretary-General*.

She’s down with the Movement, even if she only alludes to it in public.

*Secretary-General is the “project manager” of the secretariat, which in turn is the team in charge of organizing how “X” is done.
(X = anything the Tharsis League higher-ups decide on)
While she can’t just not do what is expected of her, she can scout out the worst deals, “save credits” by having people acquire malfunctioning machinery or equipment and so on, delaying the projects and forcing them constantly to go over budget, if she disagrees with them.

Natacha Dhiagelev

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