Character Creation

Welcome to my handy dandy character creation quide.

On this page we shall explore your character sheet, and when you’re done, your character is ready.

We’ll get to the character creation shortly, but for now you should keep in mind a few things:

1. You are a member of the ‘Barsoomian Movement’, or just ‘the Movement’ as it’s called among its members.

2. Ideally your character would be against one or more of these:
• Indentured servitude.
• Planned obsolescence of morphs—especially rusters—cultured on Mars.
• Central planning of orbital bombardments, floodings, and other landscape-altering terraforming events.
• Abuse of eminent domain and forced relocation of populations.
• Being a dick to others in order to make money.

3. Your character should support one or more of these:
• Mesh neutrality.
• Active suppression of fabricator technology.
• Economic justice.
• Equality.

Step 1

Please have your character sheet (or lacking one, anything to take notes with) ready. Avoid pens or anything else that makes it hard to remove markings. A pencil and an eraser is a fine choice.

Your character sheet has quite a few sections to fill in, so let’s start with the easiest; fill in your name where it says “Player” on both pages. This will make it easier to know which sheet is yours, if they ever get mixed up.

Step 2

Fill in Aptitudes. You have 105 points to distribute between them. I’d recommend averaging them all to 15. The exact number really doesn’t matter much. Keep in mind that you can’t go below 5, though, and many “morphs” (more on morphs later) have a cap on usable levels in aptitudes, so pumping one to high heavens isn’t worth it.

*COG*nition represents your innate ability to do sciency stuff
*COO*rdination represents your innate ability to do shooty stuff
*INT*uition represents your innate ability to do artsy and space-awary stuff
*REF*lexes represents your innate ability to react quickly
*SAV*vy represents your innate ability to do interacty stuff with others
*SOM*atics represents your innate ability to do physically straining stuff
*WIL*lpower represents your innate ability to avoid losing your sanity

Step 3

You’ll now get 70 levels for your native language for free. Yay!

In addition, you must now assign 300 points to knowledge skills. These are skills that your character has learned up to this point. Don’t worry if your points seem to run out before you’re done, you’ll get more character customization points later.

Each level up to 60 costs 1 point, and each point starting from 61 costs two. Easiest is to choose 5 skills and set them at 60.

Academics covers any sort of specialized non-applied knowledge you can only get through intensive education. Most theoretical and applied sciences, social sciences, transhumanities, etc. are covered by this skill. Most of the other skills listed in this chapter could also be taken as an Academics field, reflecting a working theoretical knowledge of the skill—for example, Academics: Armorer or Academics: Interrogation.
It is used when a character wishes to call upon a specific body of knowledge. For example, Academics: Chemistry could be used to identify a particular substance, understand an unusual chemical reaction, or determine what elements are needed to nanofabricate something that requires exotic materials. At the gamemaster’s discretion, some Academics-related tests might not be defaultable, given that only someone who has been educated in that subject is likely to be able to tackle it.
Sample Fields:Archeology, Astrobiology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astrosociology, Biochemistry, Biology, Botany, Computer Science, Cryptography, Economics, Engineering, Genetics, Geology, Linguistics, Mathematics, Memetics, Nanotechnology, Old Earth History, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Xenoarcheology, Xenolinguistics, Zoology

Art confers the ability to create and evaluate artistic endeavors. This is a particularly useful skill in Eclipse Phase, especially in the post-scarcity economies where creativity and vision can be a key component to a character’s reputation.
When you use it: The Art skill can be used to either create a new work of art or to duplicate an existing piece of art in the hopes of passing it off as your own. The skill can also determine the approximate value of a piece of art either on the open market, for monetary exchange systems, or in terms of reputation for the artist.
Sample Fields: Architecture, Criticism, Dance, Drama, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Simulspace Design, Singing, Speech, Writing, Specific Musical Instruments

Interest includes just about any topic that captures your attention that isn’t covered by another skill. This includes hobbies, obsessions, causes, pastimes, and other recreational pursuits.
When you use it: Use the Interest skill whenever you need to recall or use knowledge related to the particular interest in question.
Field Examples: Ancient Sports, Celebrity Gossip, Conspiracies, Factor Trivia, Gambling, Hypercorp Politics, Lunar Habitats, Martian Beers, Old Earth Nation-States, Reclaimer Blogs, Science Fiction, Scum Drug Dealers, Spaceship Models, Triad Economics

Language covers the speaking and reading of languages other than the player’s native tongue. A speaker is considered fluent at a skill level of 50; anything above this indicates further refinement in technical vocabulary, accents, and knowledge of dialects.
When you use it: Use the Language skill whenever you want to speak, understand, or read something in a language at which you are skilled. Most speaking and reading comprehension tests can be considered Simple Success Tests if your skill is over 50, unless the gamemaster rules the subject is sufficiently complex that a non-native speaker would have trouble understanding it.
Sample Fields: Arabic, Cantonese, English, French, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Profession skills indicate training in a profession practiced in Eclipse Phase. This can indicate either formal training or informal, on-the-job type training, and includes both legal and extralegal trades.
When you use it: Use Profession to perform workrelated tasks for a specific trade (i.e. mining, balancing accounts, designing a security system, etc.) or to reference specialized knowledge that someone trained in that profession might have.
Sample Fields: Accounting, Appraisal, Asteroid Prospecting, Banking, Con Schemes, Distribution, Forensics, Lab Technician, Mining, Police Procedures, Psychotherapy, Security Ops, Smuggling Tricks, Social Engineering, Squad Tactics, Viral Marketing

Step 4

Now assign 400 points for Active skills. There’s so many I wont explain all of them here, but you can check the source material or visit ""Chucks Eclipse phase wiki"" for more information.

Step 5

Give yourself +1 MOXie, since you so cool and stunning, you. Also, Divvy up 50 rep-points between Autonomists (@-rep), Criminals (g-rep), Ecologists (e-rep), Firewall (i-rep), Hypercorps (c-rep), Media (f-rep) and Scientists (r-rep).

Rep is basically your social currency. You can use it to gain access to information, buy favors, get stuff done beyond your capabilities and so on. Each type of currency applies only for their respective members (reporters use f-rep, criminals g-rep and so on.)

Step 6

Choose you character’s background. Where did they used to be and what did they used to do before? Note that if a skill boost would take your level over 60, half the remaining bonus.

You were raised with a social grouping that remained on the move throughout the Sol system. This could have been free traders, pirates, asteroid farmers, scavengers, or just migrant workers. You are used to roaming space travel between habitats and stations.
+10 Navigation skill
+20 Pilot: Spacecraft skill
+10 Networking: [Field] skill of your choice
+5000 credits

You were born and raised on Earth and evacuated during the horrors of the Fall 10 years ago, leaving your old life (and possibly your friends, family, and loved ones) behind you. You were lucky enough to survive with your body intact and continue to make a life for yourself out in the system.
+10 Pilot: Groundcraft skill
+10 Networking: [Field] skill of your choice
+1 Moxie
+2,500 Credits

You are privileged to have been raised as part of the immortal upper class that rules many inner system habitats and hypercorps. You were pampered with wealth and influence that most people can only dream of.
+10 Protocol skill
+20 Networking: Hypercorps skill
+15,000 Credits

You entered existence as a digital consciousness—an artificial general intelligence (AGI). Your very existence is illegal in certain habitats (a legacy of those who place the Fall at the feet of rampant AIs). Unlike the seed AIs responsible for their Fall, your capacity for self-improvement is limited, though you do have full autonomy.
+30 Interfacing skill
Computer skills (Infosec, Interfacing, Programming, Research) bought with Customization Points are half price
Social skills bought with Customization Points are double price
Real World Naiveté, Negative trait
Social Stigma (AGI), Negative trait
+5000 Credits

You were raised as part of a self-exiled grouping on the fringes of the system. Whether raised as part of a religious group, cult, social experiment, anti-tech cell, or a group that just wanted to be isolated, you spent most if not all of your upbringing isolated from other factions.
+20 to two skills of your choice
–10 starting Rep
+5000 Credits

You experienced your childhood in one of the cramped dome cities or underground stations on Luna, Earth’s moon. You had a ringside seat to the Fall of Earth.
+10 Pilot: Groundcraft skill
+10 to one Technical, Academic: [Field], or Profession: [Field] skill of your choice
+20 Networking: Hypercorps skill
+5000 Credits

You were raised in one of the stations on or above Mars, now the most populated planet in the system. Your home town may or may not have survived the Fall.
+10 Pilot: Groundcraft skill
+10 to one Technical, Academic: [Field], or Profession: [Field] skill of your choice
+20 Networking: Hypercorps skill
+5000 Credits

You, or your parents, were part of the first “generations” of colonists/workers sent out from Earth to stake a claim in space, so you are familiar with the cramped confi nes of spaceflight and life aboard older stations and habitats. As a “zero-one G” (zero-gravity, first-gen), you were never part of the elite. People from your background typically have some sort of specialized tech training as vacworkers or habtechs.
+10 Pilot: Spacecraft or Freefall skill
+10 to a Technical, Academic: [Field], or Profession: [Field] skill of your choice
+20 to a Networking: [Field] skill of your choice
+5000 Credits

You were born and raised on Earth, but you did not survive the Fall. All that you know is that your body died there, but your backup was transmitted off-world, and you were one of the lucky few to be re-instantiated with a new morph. You may have spent years in dead storage, simulspace, or as an infomorph slave.
+10 Pilot: Groundcraft skill
+10 to a Networking: [Field] skill of your choice
+2 Moxie
Edited Memories, Negative trait
0 Starting Credit (can still buy credit with CP)

You were raised in the nomadic and chaotic lifestyle common to Scum barges.
+10 Persuasion or Deception skill
+10 Scrounging skill
+20 Networking: Autonomists skill
+5000 Credits

You are not even human. You were born as an uplifted animal: chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan, parrot, raven, crow, or octopus.
+10 Fray skill
+10 Perception skill
+20 to two Knowledge skills of your choice
+5000 Credits

Step 7

Choose your Faction. These are not necessarily people you hang around of anymore, but you certainy have a past with them. Same rules apply as in the previous step.

You are opposed to hierarchy, favoring flat forms of social organization and directly democratic decisionmaking. You believe power is always corrupting and everyone should have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. According to the primitive and restrictive policies of the Inner system and Jovian Junta, this makes you an irresponsible hoodlum at best and a terrorist at worst. In your opinion, that’s comedy coming from governments that keep their populations in line with economic oppression and threats of violence.
+10 to a skill of your choice
+30 Networking: Autonomists skill

You are part of a scientific techno-progressive movement that seeks to solve transhumanity’s injustices and inequalities with technology. You support universal access to technology and healthcare, open source models of production, morphological freedom, and democratization. You try to avoid factionalism and divisive politics, seeing transhumanity’s splintering as a hindrance to its perpetuation.
+10 to two Technical, Academic: [Field], or Profession: [Field] skills
+20 Networking: Scientists

You call the Martian outback and wilds your home. You are a “redneck,” a lower-class Martian from the rural areas that often find themselves in conflict with the policies and goals of the hypercorp domes and Tharsis League.
+10 Freerunning
+10 to one skill of your choice
+20 Networking: Autonomists skill

You or your faction is reluctant to deal with the rest of the transhumanity and the various goings-on in the rest of the system. Your particular grouping may have sought out selfimposed isolation, to pursue their own interests, or they may have been exiled for their unpopular beliefs. Or you may simply be a loner who prefers the vast emptiness of space to socializing with others. You might be a religious cultist, a primitivist, a utopian, or something altogether uninterested in transhumanity.
+10 Pilot: Spacecraft skill
10 to a skill of your choice
+20 to a Networking: [Field] skill of your choice

You are involved with the crime-oriented underworld. You may work with one of the Sol system’s major criminal factions—triads, the Night Cartel, the ID Crew, Nine Lives, Pax Familae—or one of the smaller, local operators with a big stake in a specifi c habitat. You might be a vetted member-for-life, a reluctant recruit, or just a freelancer looking for the next gig.
+10 Intimidation skill
+30 Networking: Criminal skill

You are an anarchistic supporter of the free market and private property. You oppose government and favor a system where security and legal matters are handled by private competitors. Whether you consider yourself an anarcho-capitalist or a mutualist (a difference only other Extropians can figure out), you occupy a middle-ground between the hypercorps and autonomists, dealing with both and yet trusted by neither.
+10 Persuasion skill
+20 Networking: Autonomists skill
+10 Networking: Hypercorps skill

You hail from a habitat controlled by the hypercorps. You might be a hypercapitalist entrepeneur, a hedonistic socialite, or a lowly vacworker, but you accept that certain liberties must be sacrificed for security and freedom.
+10 Protocol skill
+20 Networking: Hypercorps skill
+10 to any Networking: [Field] skill

Your faction is noted for its authoritarian regime, bioconservative ideologies, and militaristic tendencies. Where you come from, technology is not to be trusted to everyone and humans need to be protected from themselves. To ensure its survival, humanity must be able to defend itself, and unfettered growth must be checked.
+10 to two weapon skills of your choice
+10 Fray skill
+20 Networking: Hypercorps skill
Must start with a Flat or Splicer morph, may not start with any nanoware or advanced nanotech

You hail from Luna, the original off-Earth colony world. Now overpopulated and in decline, Luna is one of the few places where people still cling to old-Earth ethnic and national identities. Your home is also within sight of Earth, a constant reminder that encourages many “Loonies” to be Reclaimers, deploring the hypercorp interdiction and arguing that you have a right to return to Earth, terraform it, and re-establish it as a living homeworld.
+10 to one Language: [Field] of your choice
+20 Networking: Hypercorps skill
+10 Networking: Ecologists skill

Your faction has no interest in co-opting their true natures in order to become more “human.” You might be an AGI that does not necessarily intertwine its destiny with transhumanity, or an uplift that seeks to preserve and promote non-human life (or at least your own species). You might even be an infomorph or posthuman who has strayed so far from transhuman interests and values that you now consider yourself to be forging a unique new path of life.
+10 to any two skills of your choice
+20 to a Networking: [Field] skill of your choice

This is the future we’ve all been waiting for, and you’re going to enjoy it to the max. A paradigm shift has occurred, and while everyone else is catching up, your faction embraces and revels in it. There is no more want, no more death, no more limits on what you can be. The scum have immersed themselves in a new way of life, changing themselves as they see fit, trying out new experiences, and pushing the boundaries wherever they can … and fuck anyone who can’t deal with that.
+10 Freefall skill
+10 to a skill of your choice
+20 Networking: Autonomists skill

You are a member of the inner system glitterati, the media-saturated social cliques that set trends, spread memes, and make or break lives with whispers, innuendo, and backroom deals. You are simultaneously an icon and a devout follower. Culture isn’t just your life, it’s your weapon of choice.
+10 Persuasion skill
+10 Protocol skill,
+20 Networking: Media skill

You are a participant in the Titanian Commonwealth’s socialist cyberdemocracy. Unlike other autonomist projects, Titanian joint efforts have assembled some impressive infrastructural projects as approved by the Titanian Plurality and pursued by state-owned microcorps.
+10 to two Technical or Academic skills of your choice
+20 Networking: Autonomists skill

Your faction sees the potential in transhumanity’s future and looks back upon the rest of transhumanity as weak and hedonistic. Transhumanity is set to take the next evolutionary step and it’s time for transhumans to be redesigned to the best of our capabilities.
+10 to two skills of your choice
+20 to a Networking: [Field] skill of your choice

You are a supporter of the Morningstar Confederation of Venusian aerostats, resentful of the growing influence of the Planetary Consortium and other entrenched and conservative inner system powers. You see your faction’s ascension as a chance to reform the old guard ways of inner system politics.
+10 Pilot: Aircraft skill
+10 to one skill of your choice
+20 Networking: Hypercorps skill

Step 8

Your character is almost ready. You will now have 300 Character Customization Points to finalize your character with. The cost of everything is as follows:

15 CP = 1 Moxie (Used to improve your chances on rolls, and the trait is used as LUCK)
10 CP = 1 aptitude point
2 CP = 1 skill point (61-80)
1 CP = 1 skill point (up to 60)
1 CP = 1,000 credit
1 CP = 10 rep

I’d recommend buying yourself a morph first. They can be quite expensive. A morph is your body. In Eclipse Phase, you are not bound to have just one (or any, actually), but having at least one to move around with is generally considered a good idea. I’ll give a link to the list of morphs when the page is ready.

Step 9

With a morph purchased, you can now derive your stats. It should be easy enough with the guidance on your character sheet. They are:

Trauma Treshold (TT) When you get this much stress at once, you’ll gain a trauma.
Lucidity (LUC) is your baseline sanity. If passed, you’re visibly in need of stress relief.
Insanity Rating (IR) is your total stress tolerance. If passed, your mind is broken for good.
Wound Treshold (WT) When you get this much damage at once, you gain a wound.
Durability (DUR) is your baseline health. If passed, you’re visibly in need some bandaging.
Death Rating (DR) is your physical damage tolerance. If this is passed, you die.
Initiative (INIT) is rolled to determine the order of actions in combat
Speed (SPD) tells you how many actions you have in a combat. roll separate INIT for each speed
Damage Bonus (DB)* is bonus damage to your melee attacks.

Step 10

Buy gear, and you’re done. I’ll link to gear page when it’s ready.

Character Creation

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