Exalt morphs are genetically-enhanced humans, designed to emphasize specific traits. Their genetic code has been tweaked to make them healthier, smarter, and more attractive. Their metabolism is modified to predispose them towards staying fit and athletic for the duration of an extended lifespan.


Das Frettchen: Remember when these morphs first went into circulation? The hue and cry over “upgraded humans” was a big deal. Seems so quaint now.
Violet Perdido: Ah the good ol’ days. Remember breeding restriction laws? Glad we’ve left the primitive mindsets behind.
Nezumi: The great thing about exalts is that they’re reliable, abundant, and fulfill your basic needs without running into heavy alienation or body dysmorphia issues when resleeving. Too many people overlook them.


  • Basic Biomods
  • Basic Mesh Inserts
  • Cortical Stack

Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 35
Wound Threshold: 7

Advantages: +5 COG, +5 to three other aptitudes of the player’s choice

CP Cost: 30
Credit Cost: Expensive



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