Bouncers are humans genetically adapted for zero-G and microgravity environments. Their legs are more limber, and their feet can grasp as well as their hands.


Sequencer: Bouncers have to be one of the more common sleeves out there, especially in the outer system. That means there’s more variants and models than you can kick a moon rock at. My favorites are the ones with tails—that extra grip comes in handy in micrograv.
Plasmid: If you’re picking up a bouncer, make sure to get one of the genetic lines that’s incorporated the 3D spatial awareness traits from cetacean neurologies; it really does help you orient and maneuver better.
Voight-Kampff: How useless are these in higher grav?
Skinwalker: The foot structure impedes your running, but only slightly. On long treks, expect a lot of cramping and blisters.


  • Basic Biomods
  • Basic Mesh Inserts
  • Cortical Stack
  • Grip Pads
  • Oxygen Reserve
  • Prehensile Feet

Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 35
Wound Threshold: 7

Advantages: Limber (Level 1) trait*, +5 COO, +5 SOM, +5 to one aptitude of the player’s choice

*The morph is especially flexible and supple, capable of graceful contortions and interesting positions. At Level 1, the character can smoke with their toes, do the splits, and squeeze into small, cramped spaces. Add a +10 modifier to escaping from bonds, fitting into narrow confines, and to other acts relying on contortion or flexibility.

CP Cost: 40
Credit Cost: Expensive



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