Al-Amir Hayek



Al-Amir Hayek, better known online as Okra, is a Public Relations agent for Cognite, a massive hypercorporation and a pioneer in the field of cognitive science and mental augmentation.

Personally a strong supporter of AGI rights, including opposing merging AGIs into transhumanity in order for them to be able to figure out their own destiny. This is, however, against Cognite’s plans, so Okra is cautious about letting others know his true identity.

During the years he’s been fighting for the cause, he’s gathered a strong crew under his banner.
Peer Gynt, an AGI digirogue, alleged working for a criminal syndicate ‘Intelligent Design Crew’, is his go-to person for anything relating to online presence and security;
Hyeon “Amy” Moon, a child prodigy in mechanics and previously an Electro-technical Officer on an American space liner does his fabber programming and maintenance of mechanical/robotic assets;
Janan Faheem, a scientist who got ousted after criticizing some Planetary Consortium research results, is now Okra’s personal researcher, genehacker and a physician.

In addition, whenever physical on-site investigation or bodyguarding is needed, Okra contacts a team consisting of a private investigator, a thief and a martial arts expert, and he’s been known to provide reports to the Infrastructure Workers’ Association regarding misaligned transhuman rights procedures.

Al-Amir Hayek

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